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Learning Opportunities

Lincolnshire Police UNISON Branch in Nettleham, Lincoln can help individuals who want to train as a UNISON representative or to learn for personal development. Read further for more details about our learning opportunities.

Activist Courses

Carry out your role as a UNISON representative effectively. We offer activist courses and development opportunities that tackle the following:

  • Activist Training Pathways
  • Branch Development
  • Communicating
  • Finding Time
  • Negotiating and Bargaining
  • New Reps (Where to Get Support)

  • Organising Collective Action
  • Political Education
  • Recruiting Members
  • Securing Recognition in a Workplace
  • Supporting Members

Member Courses

Improve your English, Maths and ICT skills with our help. We encourage you to enrol in our member courses that help you develop self-confidence and tackle change at work, among others. Take our Return to Learn programme if you want to get back into learning or our Skills for Life programme to hone your English and Maths skills.

Online Learning Modules

We produce e-notes or quick online modules on different subjects. You may take our Dyslexia Awareness course to learn more about our supporting members with the disease. Our e-notes can be taken by members who have logged into our learning site.

Support for Learning

Realise your full potential when you join our training and development programmes. We offer financial support to members who cannot afford our courses. Our company receives support from the Union Learning Fund and learning grants, among others.

Booking and Attending Courses

Connect with your branch education coordinator or secretary to help you find the right course or to enrol in a course. Take note that UNISON pays for the materials for courses. We also provide materials in Braille or in large print.

Lincs Course Application Form

Learn More

For more information about our learning opportunities, visit this website. Contact us if you have questions.