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2019 National Delegate Conference (18th - 21st June)

The National Delegate Conference in Liverpool was attended this year by Clare Heyes-Bowden and Tracey Burnett. They shared a seat and a vote at the conference and attended all sessions in order to ensure that a comprehensive overview of the unions business could be reported back to the branch.

Topics discussed included Suicide awareness, abuse in care homes, abolishing NHS car parking charges, EU Exit and protecting the peace process, The Windrush scandal, Mandela 8 and empowering future generations, Social care, Apprenticeships, Young members, among many other things. They also attended fringe meetings in relation to ‘outsourcing/insourcing public services’ and ‘Police staff & Justice'.

Of particular interest to our branch…

Menopause was a popular topic as it affects so many of our union members. We are fortunate to have a proactive menopause group in our organisation and it is hoped that we will be able to support the recognition of menopause as a specific reason for sickness absence, when managing attendance, as has been done in other Police forces.

The Housing Crisis is another topic banded about in the media, but what does it actually mean for us. It means that there are people who are not able to afford to live in area that that they work. We think of Lincolnshire as an affordable County to live in but there are members of our workforce who are not able to afford to live independently of family or away from multiple occupancy housing. There have been recent changes to the housing act which make some practices previously common among letting agencies now illegal, the Tenant Fees Bill will bring an end to costly letting fees.

Outsourcing of public Sector Services is something that we are 7 years into and its possible that the contract could be extended. Be assured that your union representatives are working with decision makers in ensuring that all avenues are considered and appraised before final decisions are made.

The National Delegate Conference is an inspiring forum to be in and it reinforces the feeling that we want to encourage people to stand up for themselves and ask the membership what they feel about issues surrounding their employment. The cuts to pay, terms and conditions to improve the profits of the business means that our members are feeling the effect of low pay, poor prospects and uncertainty in the workplace. As a union member they have a seat at the negotiating table and are able to have their opinions heard.

Read more about what happened at conference on Unison's news page:

2019 Annual General Meeting 20.02.19

This year's Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th February at Windmill Farm in Lincoln and gave a chance for our committee and members to come together. There were 42 members in attendance including those on the committee. A fabulous free goody bag was on offer for those who came along which was full of useful things including a power bank for your phone, torch and lunch bag! There was also a delicious buffet laid on by the hotel which was enjoyed by all.

The existing branch council was disbanded and this years branch council elected. There have been some changes to the council including our newly elected Chairman Nigel Wass. Don't worry, he will still continue all of his hard work as our Learning Coordinator and there are some fantastic courses already on offer for members this year.

This meant it was time to say goodbye to our much loved and hard working Chairman Paul Diggins who has been a truly valued member of our team. This was his last AGM as Chairman where he handed over the baton to Nigel. We hope that he will remain involved in the Union as a retired member. Here he is pictured with our Branch Secretary Debbie Parker at the AGM.

Please take a look at our Branch Committee Members page for the up to date list of your committee members and the positions they hold. We have welcomed a new committee member Jason Kwee who will be a steward and representative for East Lindsey.

Our guest speaker this year was ACC Kerrin Wilson who joined Lincolnshire Police in 2018. Kerrin talked about her career in Policing, which started with Northumbria Police over 25 years ago. She worked for three North-East forces prior to joining Lincolnshire Police, coming to us from Durham where she was a superintendent for 5 years. Kerrin also touched on when she was director of training for the Iraqi Police during a Foreign and Commonwealth Office secondment to Baghdad.

The ACC spoke about her values using her own pneumonic of the word 'Service' which includes words such as integrity that are crucial to the heart of Policing and help us in providing the best service we can to the public.

She touched upon current topics of conversation including funding which was discussed in more depth during a question and answer session at the end of her speech.

We would like to thank Kerrin for coming along to the meeting and taking the time to share her story and her thoughts on the current financial situation.

The branch annual report for 2018/2019 was made available to attendees which included information on the pay negotiations that took place during that period, statistics and a general overview of the cases/workload the branch has had and budget cuts. The general fund income and expenditure account for the year ended December 2018 was also made available. If you would like to see a copy of these please contact the branch secretary.

The night was finished off by drawing the raffle which included prizes of a Google home mini, Air fryer and dash cam. Everyone who attended was given a free raffle ticket so were in the running and there were some big smiles following the draw!

Thank you to all the members who attended the AGM, we couldn't do it without you! We are looking forward to working with you and providing you with support throughout 2019/2020. This year is the year of the young worker. Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. They need trade unions more than ever. Find out more about this campaign or how you could get more involved with Unison at 

Please get in touch with one of us if you need any help or information.